Adult Guardianship

Guardianship is a legal process utilized when a person can no longer make or communicate safe or sound decisions about their person and/or property, or has become susceptible to exploitation, fraud or undue influence.

If you have a spouse, aging parent or other disabled relative no longer capable of making sound decisions regarding finances and medical care, an adult guardianship may be the best solution to help protect them.  The court-appointed guardian will then manage finances, enter contracts, make decisions about medical treatment, and generally protect the interests of a person no longer able to protect him or herself.

Although the guardianship process can be confusing, Bernard Law Office is experienced in this area and stays current on developments and changes in the laws.

Also, Bernard Law Office offers personal service where and when you need it.  Mr. Bernard knows it’s not always possible for you to visit his office.  Mr. Bernard will drive to your location (whether at home, hospital or elsewhere) even after hours.  And, depending on the particular matter, he might provide this service at no extra charge.  He’s here for you!

If you are considering guardianship for a resident of Texas, wishing to transfer a guardianship into or out of Texas, or experiencing a dispute over the necessity or legality of a guardianship, please contact Bernard Law Office.

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